About Us

Healthy Homes,
The Most Common Sense,
Worry Free Approach To
Home Maintenance.

Our Vision

  • Healthy Homes is the combined vision of co-owners Brad Leyden and Darcy Silverthorn.
  • Healthy Homes Inc. was founded in Sherwood Park, Alberta, in 2013, to help meet the needs of Albertans and their home maintenance requirements.
  • With their combined knowledge and understanding of the housing industry, they have been able to create a system which makes Healthy Homes, the most common-sense, worry free approach to home maintenance.
  • Their clients range from seniors living on their own to hard working professional couples.  Regardless of the level of need, there is a Healthy Homes program tailored for you and your home maintenance requirements.


Projected Yearly Savings On Home Maintenance For Our Customers.

The Benefits

  • Absolute peace of mind in knowing that your home’s maintenance is up to date.
  • Ideal for home owners that do not have the time, knowledge or skills to confidently carry out or facilitate their own home repairs.
  • Maintain the value of your most important asset.
  • Ideal for seniors by ensuring a safe and well maintained property, thus providing peace of mind for their families.
  • Also ideal for single people, busy working families, baby boomers, investors, the disabled or anyone who genuinely cares about maintaining their home without the headache, hassle or uncertainty of doing it themselves.
  • Increase the value of your home by being able to supply potential buyers with a Healthy Homes Buyer’s Package. This package is a complete history of maintenance reports, work orders and invoices detailing the standard to which your home has been maintained.
  • Earn the right to state that your home is Healthy Homes Certified. The new bench mark in home maintenance.
  • Differentiate yourself from other homes that haven’t been professionally maintained.
  • Home repairs, which are allowed to exist, typically deteriorate more rapidly over time and consequently become more expensive to repair. A proactive approach to home maintenance which ultimately saves you money.
Our Founders

Brad Leyden

Brad Leyden

Brad’s knowledge is derived from an extensive background in both real estate and property management.

Darcy Silverthorn

Darcy’s skill set is created from over 22 years in the construction industry.

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